The Flourish of Liberty

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The Flourish of Liberty

2019 - 31st August 19
11am-4.30pm, every day except Saturday


A new exhibition at Shandy Hall invites 102 artists to respond to the idea of ‘Liberty’. The theme is taken from Laurence Sterne’s masterpiece The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, the majority of which was written at Coxwold in the North York Moors.

‘Trim’s squiggle’ or ‘The Flourish of Liberty’ in Tristram Shandy (Vol IX p.17) is an exuberant and life-affirming visual declaration.  As he has already done throughout the previous eight volumes, Laurence Sterne invites the reader to join him in an exercise of imagination, understanding and interpretation that brings his novel to life. 

On page 17 the reader learns that Uncle Toby and Trim are marching up to the Widow Wadman’s front door where Toby will propose marriage.

Nothing, continued the Corporal, can be so sad as confinement for life – or so sweet, an’ please your honour, as liberty. Nothing, Trim – said my Uncle Toby, musing – Whil’st a man is free – cried the corporal, giving a flourish with his stick thus – 

And the story is given a visual jolt – a writhing pathway that represents the pathway of Trim’s cane through the air.  How it hatches in the mind of the reader is up to each individual.  Is it a languid and stately passage?  A rapier-like swish? Is it from top to bottom or bottom to top? The exhibition features the work of internationally acclaimed and award-winning artists, writers and composers who have each responded to the idea of ‘Liberty’.


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