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The Black Page

2009 - 31st October 09


The Black Page exhibition at Shandy Hall celebrated the 250th anniversary of Vols I & II of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne.

Page 73 of Volume I is a Black Page which marks the death of Parson Yorick.
73 writers and artists were asked to create their own 'Black Page' for exhibition and sale by auction. To find out more click here. 

Artists involved:

Norman Ackroyd, Carry Akroyd, Richard Askwith, Di Atkinson, John Baldessari, Philip Barnes, Jen Bervin, Emma Biggs, Felix Bennett, Harrison Birtwistle, Peter Blegvad, Pavel Büchler, Paul Brandford, Madeleine Bunting, Ronald Blythe, Eddie Campbell, JM Coetzee, Les Coleman, Matthew Collings, Coracle Press, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Mark Dion, JP Donleavy, Maura Dooley, Helen Douglas, Craig Dworkin, Michael Eaton, Eugenius, Maria Fusco, Kenneth Goldsmith, Alasdair Gray, Lavinia Greenlaw, Michael Hall, Patrick Hughes, Nigel Hutchinson, Patrick Keiller, Andrzej Krauze, John Lawrence, Thomas Lynch, Hilary Mantel, Javier Marias, Jonathan Meades, Jon McGregor, Matt Madden, Patrick Marber, Simon Morris, Paul Munden, Scott Myles, Thomas Newton, Michael Nyman, Brad Paley, Cornelia Parker, Tom Phillips, Graham Rawle, Chris Rose, Jerome Rothenberg, Martin Rowson, Colin Sackett, Colin See-Paynton, Will Self, Jo Shapcott, Iain Sinclair, Lemony Snicket, Graham Swift, Adam Thirlwell, Carolyn Thompson, Nick Thurston, Hayley Tompkins, Yasunao Tone, Craig Vear, Tony Whishaw, Rachel Whiteread, Alison Wilding, Patrick Wright

A catalogue of the exhibition is now available, limited to 200 copies for sale. £40 plus p+p.

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