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'Alas Poor Yorick' CD by Roger Marsh

'Alas Poor Yorick' CD by Roger Marsh

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Poor Yorick was commissioned by the Hilliard Ensemble for their 40th Anniversary Tour in December 2013. They asked composer Roger Marsh for a piece which they could perform with four former members of the group: John Potter, Paul Elliot, John Nixon and Errol Girdlestone. The premier was given at The Spitalfields Festival, London on December 11th 2013.

The Hilliard Ensemble

One of the world's finest vocal chamber groups, the Hilliard Ensemble was unrivalled for its formidable reputation in the fields of both early and new music, recording mainly for the ECM label. They worked closely with Arvo Part and Jan Garbarek. After 40 years at the forefront of both early and new music, they retired in December 2014.

David James countertenor

Steven Harrold tenor

Gordon Jones baritone

Rogers Covey-Crump tenor

John Potter tenor

with guest: Jack Comerford bass

Roger Marsh has worked extensively with the Hilliard Ensemble since 2001. He is a Professor of Music at the University of York, UK. 

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